Chris has been yo-yoing since the mid-80s and received his nickname of Dr. Yo-Yo in the late 90s while working at a toy store. Kids would bring him broken yo-yos and he would fix them for free (string, bearing, axle, etc) and organically, he was being referred to as Dr. Yo-Yo. The name stuck, and before long Chris was being called Dr. Yo-Yo everywhere. In late 2007, Chris founded, a retired news aggregate site that published product reviews, photographs, yo-yo videos and yo-yo news.

In 2009 Chris took over the management and event planning for the California State Yo-Yo Championship, setting the modern day contest precedent for large cash prizes at $1000. In 2010, Chris was awarded the National Achievement Award by the National Yo-Yo Museum, an honor that dates back to 1998, for his hard work in both online yo-yo media and yo-yo contest reform. Chris also approached the owners of the remaining operators at YoYoNation which had shut down in 2011, and took ownership of the forum to preserve years of historical threads and data. In 2013 Chris handed off the California State Yo-Yo Championship and shut down in order to focus more on his family.

In 2014 Chris took over as Director of Operations and Project Manager for MonkeyfingeR Design. Since taking over, Chris has pushed for the modernization of the MFD classic Gelada, and designed the Caesar.