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Zoo Maintenance Kit Saves you 6 bucks!


This awesome little package was made to keep your throw performing its best!!!  you’ll get a 2 packs of Ape Hangers (choose from Neon Yellow, Green, Orange), BUFF return top polish and a container of Gorillius Lubricus and a package of Monkey SNOT response system.  Being a zoo member you’ll save $6.00 on this package.


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This maintenance pack totals 31 bucks so combining this together saves you 6 bucks!!

Gorillius Lubricus

Gorillius Lubricus is a state of the art bearing conditioner. It not only lubricates your bearing but it also treats the steel. This lubrication and treatment is great for all temperatures and humidity, so no matter if you throw in the Arctic Circle while crab fishing or at the equator while exploring some dark jungle for new monkeys, this lubricant will beautifully. Your bearings endure a lot of abuse from your tricks, so you owe them some rust, corrosion, and wear protection NOW!

The unique applicator brush allows you to use just a 1/3 of a drop at a time. Make sure you thoroughly clean your bearing before using this treatment using mineral spirits and compressed air prior to the first application. After that, you can continue to add a small amount of Lubricus as needed.


Your yo-yos are an investment of money and time, so why not keep them looking as great as they play?  The MonkeyfingeR BUFF will help you to breathe new life into the appearance of any anodized yo-yo.  Our BUFF will not only give your yo-yo a protective coating that brightens the colours but also reduce the surface friction and improve finger grinds.  Get ready for more shine and increased performance!

Our BUFF is made from non-toxic and natural ingredients.  It will not stain, is safe to touch, and can be easily washed off with soap and water.

Applying the BUFF is easy.  Simply grab a clean cloth and follow the steps below:

1) Ensure that your yo-yo is clean and dry.
2) Wrap the clean cloth around your index finger and gently dab it into the BUFF.  A little goes a long way!
3) Gently wipe the BUFF across the entire surface of the yo-yo.  Be sure not to miss a spot and keep the BUFF as even as possible.
4) [Optional] For the best results, allow the BUFF to dry for 30-60 minutes.
5) Using a different part of the clean cloth, gently rub the entire surface to remove any excess BUFF and to polish the yo-yo.
6) Enjoy your shiny throw!

Note: the BUFF will not fill in, cover, or repair dings and scratches on the surface of a yo-yo.

2 packs of Ape Hangers

Ape Hanger strings are our latest MonkeyfingeR Vines. They are made from 100% poly thread that is spun to the perfect tension, producing a superior string that performs to the highest level. The Ape Hangers come in tangle free bags so you don’t waste time grabbing and untangling a new string. No more jumbled up messes of strings. Plus, the soft package lets you jam your new strings comfortably into any pocket or bag.

Monkey SNOT

Dress up your groove with the best response system out there, Monkey Snot from MonkeyfingerR Design. The Snot comes in ten different colours because we believe that your response system should look as good as it plays, and those plain silicone pads are boring! Monkey Snot is a unique custom response system developed by MonkeyfingeR Design and engineered to work with any throw that can use a standard silicone pad sticker.

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