Space Needle Slimy Darkness


This amazing Belgeri is a collaboration between MonkeyfingeR Design and Rain City Skills.  We wanted to make something that challenged the player but was also sleek, incorporated new design idea's while keeping compatibility with our existing product line.  The Space Needle was co-designed with team members Trevor (MFD) and Justin (RCS).  these guys really hit it out of the part, using the long neck of the bead the player has new options for trick generation.   Available in 4 flavours, Raptor Skin, Soggy Boots, Kikazaru and Dad Bod.  The new Space Needles are compatible with the MonkeyBARs for changing the weight of the begleri along with our Bumperz system for protection.   Let see whats all in the box.
  • Set of Space Needles
  • Belgeri belt clip
  • Cords
  • stickers, stickers and more stickers.
  • Mryothrower Pokemon card
  • MFD pouch
Space Needle specs
  • Weight -  12.7g per bead Height - 28mm tall Width base - 22mm Width top - 12.7mm


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I know what you're thinking how do these even work?  Well say hello to your next fav skill toy!