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Prime8 The Upsidedown


“The Prime8 came about as a way to blend fun with the performance. Tyler (team captain) wanted to have something with plenty of rim weight for the spin time. But still, have that fun and lighthearted feeling. We believe we have achieved that feeling! If you’ve ever been around Tyler, you know he’s all about having fun and kicking back with awesome people. This yo-yo exemplifies that attitude.”
The Prime8 release is a big one for us and is the signature throw created in cooperation with MonkeyfingeR team captain Tyler Jorgensen.  Utilizing a comfortable H/O-type hybrid design, it is both stable and fast. This design allows the Prime8 to perform a wide range of tricks while maintaining its momentum. Additionally, the cup design features not one but two inner thumb grind rings! to distribute the inner cup weight.  Let’s see whats in the box.


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Width of 43.5 mm
Diameter of 55 mm
Mass of 65 grams
Custom colour Ape Hangers return top string
Monkey SNOT response system
10-ball Tasmanian Tornado hybrid bearing
Single MFD throw pouch
2 info cards
1 MFD sticker
1 triangle display box