This new begleri design was co-designed with Trevor Janier, and it is the most complex begleri design we have done yet! The main-man Trevor came to us with an idea and a vision for a new begleri, and we loved it. It took some hard work and serious prototyping, but we were able to bring the Lanterns to life. I mean, hey, the Frankenlab is all about bringing anomalies to life! The Lanterns sport an expertly-machined Titanium body that allows players to view the insides of the beads and add bronze, stainless steel or copper disc weights. Simply remove the C-clip in the bottom, adjust the weight as desired, and reinstall the clip when you are done. Bing, bang, boom! And we aren't done designing the Ingots. We have a plethora of ideas for future weights we can use with this setup. Anodized Ingots, special metals, and glow-in-the-dark plastics will all be available options in the future. When you first get your Lanterns, set your string length (either by cut-and-melt or tie it off). Next, give the set a sling. Do you like to use light sets? The stock set comes in at 6.3 grams per bead. A stock set comes with four copper (0.9g), four stainless steel (0.8g) and four bronze (0.7g) discs. You can mix and match your discs to create a variety of bead weights. If that is still not enough, you can purchase more optional discs from the MFD store (the beads will hold up to 10 discs each). We are talking about maximum flexibility for the slinger.  This first release of the Lanterns will be a limited run and only available in the MFD store. Here is what you'll find in each box: 
  • 1 set of Lanterns (Titanium body - two beads)
  • 12 discs: 4 of each metal (bronze, stainless steel and copper)
  • Our MFD info card
  • Stickers
  • 3 cords of misc colours
  • 2 x C-clip to hold your ingots in place
  • Picker tool to remove the clip
  • Begleri pouch to keep your investment safe and sound


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MFD Lanterns with a Titanium body and assorted metal discs to adjust your weight.