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Executive Ape Breaking Blizzard


The Executive Ape is here.  The perfect blend of materials.  High-quality 7075 Aircraft Aluminum precision machine and pressed into the lower stainless steel make this in incredibly durable.  Speed, casual play the Executives and run through any trick and combo you throw at them.  Using stainless steel for the lower section of the bead gives it a super low centre of gravity making the set really stable. Each bead has 2 grooves to house our new Bumperz VooDoo’s.  The Executive comes fully protected AND gives you the player the ability for tons of customization options.    If you combine this with our new Bumperz VooDoo SUPER pack (contains 48 bumperz) you will have so many colour combo’s we couldn’t possibly list them all.  Be original, make these beads your own.

Welcome to the Executive Level of the belgeri world.

What’s in the box.

  • Set of 7075/stainless steel beads (17g per bead)
  • 4 stickers
  • 3 MonkeyCHORDS
  • 4 VooDoo bumperz
  • Splig-B bag to protect your investment

The amazing Ape Grapes Begleri skill toy.  Don’t forget to pick up some extra CHORDS while your here.  They come in 10 different colour packs and 2 different thicknesses.  If your new to this skill toy check out our YouTube page for lots of tutorials and started videos.



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    • 13.5 $Add on some Bumperz and save
    • Cords12.5 $
    • Cords10 $
    • 13.5 $

Ever wonder what a begleri is or how it works.  Check this out and say hi to your new fav skill toy.