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Zoo member custom VINES


So you have always wanted a custom colour string. Well, now you can. For a limited time you can order up any string colour combo you like, and we will create it for you. You can only order in 100 string lots. You can order more than one box of either the same colour OR pick a new colour setup. We will be making string for the next week until Jan 9th.

When building a string, it works on %. So the base colour will count for roughly 50-60% of the colour. Once you have the base colour picked, start adding the next colour. For the following three options you can choose from any string in stock. For example, if you wanted almost all neon orange with one thread of black. Pick neon orange for first three options than black on the forth, and leave a note a check out “use only one thread of black”. Suppose you wanted a yellow and orange string. Pick the base colour of neon orange, the next three options as neon yellow. This will give you a string of 60% neon orange and 40% yellow.

Suppose you are completely stuck and want a string to match a throw? Don’t know where to start. Drop us an email and attached a picture of the yoyo you want to match. We will create the string setup for you.

** NOTE: there are no test runs. Once you pick a colour combo, we will make 100 strings of that colour combo. ** ask for help if you need some.

Email us at [email protected] in the subject line use “Help with my string”.

Each box contains roughly 100 string +/- 2 string.  We then add additional string to incase there are any deficiencies.

Now let’s make some custom string!
MonkeyfingeR Ray



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