Bumperz SOLID packs VooDoo Edition


Bumperz solid packs of 10.  You get five sets of the same colour.  Perfect for when you have a favourite colour and want some spares.




These are our Bumperz in solid packs only.  Each pack has 5 sets all the same colour.  If you have a favorite colour and want some spares then this is the pack for you.

Let's talk about some Begleri options.  For the first time, you can help protect and dress up your begleri how you would like it.  Bumpers snap on and can easily be removed and replaced.  The pack comes loaded with ten sets of Bumperz 10 different colours.  You can now create your own look, mix and match the sets!!  You can also purchase solid colour packs in case you loose one.  The solid colour pack come with five sets of all the same colour.

Don't forget to pick up some extra MonkeyfingeR CHORDS, they come in 10 different colour packs and 2 different thicknesses.


Check out the full set of tutorials to get you started on our youtube channel!!

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