Ape Grapes Bloody Monday


The amazing Ape Grapes Begleri skill toy.  Dont forget to pick up some extra CHORDS while your here.  They come in 10 different colour packs and 2 different thicknesses.  If your new to this skill toy check out our YouTube page for lots of tutorials and started videos.


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The amazing Ape Grapes are here. A Begleri is a small skill toy consisting of one or more beads at either end of a short string. The toy can be flipped and twirled around the fingers to perform tricks. Begleri originated in Greece, and originally derived from the Greek rosary. The Ape Grape edition of this Begleri is refined for balance and speed.  Using a slightly slimmer profile then the Wukong’s making the faster tricks easier to get it and around your fingers.  The Ape Grapes are a perfect balance of shape and weight producing a very nimble and fast skill toy.

Each custom made box will house your Ape Grape Begleri, nested in soft foam making this box the perfect display case. Along with your Ape Grapes you’ll get 3 MonkeyfingeR CHORDS and 3 awesome stickers.


Don’t forget to pick up some extra MonkeyfingeR CHORDS, they come in 10 different colour packs and 2 different thicknesses.


Check out the full set of tutorials to get you started!!

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