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Aotus Breaking Blizzard


The Aotus is Will Hahn’s signature throw, designed to match his stealthy and impressive 1A and 5A repertoire. Will was heavily involved in the design of the Aotus, and he pushed the envelope on this design. He really wanted the stability to keep up with his best tricks while still being comfortable enough to play right through the night. Plus, it had to be suitable for both 1A and 5A. No pressure at all.


Out of stock

Each box will contain the following:
           The Aotus in your fav colour-way (duh
           String: MonkeyfingeR Vines colour-matched to the yo-yo
           Response system: complementary coloured MonkeySNOT
           Bearing: Tasmanian Tornado
           MFD sticker with an Aotus sticker
           Product info cards
           Leaf bag (we have all new patterns!)
           New triangle info card for the Aotus
           Black display box with a magnetic clasp
           Width: 44.9mm
           Diameter: 57.1mm
           Weight: 65.1 grams.

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