Current and past designs MFD produces unique designs and colours
Creating Artist Proofs, Short Runs and specialty items for the skill toy world
Video performed by John Narum


  • Diameter – 58mm
  • Width – 44mm
  • Gap Width – 4.5
  • Weight – 64.8 grams
  • Bearing Size – MonkeyfingeR Revolution (Tasmanian Tornado) Hybrid
  • Response – Monkey SNOT flowable Silicone
  • String – MonkeyfingeR Vines (ape hangers) 100% poly

Rawhide! For those of you livin’ on the plains or in the outback, this colour-way is for you! It will blend right in with your yippee-ki-yay ways!

Caesar Helium Edition

Long live Caesar, the emperor is back! Yes, that’s right, the Caesar is making a comeback, but make no mistake, this is not the original Caesar. Oh no, this is the Caesar Helium edition. It is such an update that we struggled with whether we should call it the Caesar 2.0, but we like “Helium”. Why? Because it is lighter, baby! Lighter AND faster. Like the sound of that yet. That’s rhetorical, you don’t need to answer.

Coming in at 64.8 grams, this new Caesar screams speed while giving up nothing on spin times. A monster for any competition! The diameter comes in at 58 mm and the width at 44 mm, putting it right in the sweet spot. Throw anything you like at it (or, more accurately, throw it through anything you like) and watch it deliver in spades. Slay your tricks, conquer the stage. So, are you ready for the Helium?

For the colour-ways, well, we ran through so many colour combinations before we came up with three distinctive colour-ways that we were happy with. First up is a slightly sick looking colour-way, the Tainted Toad. And when I say sick, I mean sickly. Next up is Dazed and Confused, and we think you will agree with the name when you see it. Plus, the name sort of describes me while I was trying to keep the anodization order of this colour-way straight. Finally, Rawhide! For those of you livin’ on the plains or in the outback, this colour-way is for you! It will blend right in with your yippee-ki-yay ways!


  • Diameter – 57mm
  • Width – 44mm
  • Gap Width – 4.5
  • Weight – 64.7 grams
  • Bearing Size – MonkeyfingeR Revolution (Tasmanian Tornado) Hybrid, Size C
  • Response – Monkey SNOT flowable Silicone
  • String – MonkeyfingeR Vines (ape hangers) 100% poly

Creeping Darkness, a colour-way created using the always popular Kikazaru colour-way.  For this version there is no dark purple instead we see the black slowly creeping across the colours.

Gelada 2.1

Say another hello to the always casual, always laid-back, always life-of-the-party Gelada 2.1. But, let’s be honest…the Gelada 2.1 is such a fun throw that people often forget just how well it performs. It is one of MonkeyfingeR’s most requested throws even years after its original release.

The restock on Dec 11th Wed at 7PM Mountain time will be released in three dramatic colour-ways. OK, I realize saying that a MonkeyfingeR colour-way is dramatic is a tad redundant, but that’s how we roll, baby! Anyway, on to the colours. The first up looks like it come straight from the jungle, so Jungle Jam seemed appropriate to us. We love crazy splashes, and so this restock of the Gelada 2.1 just had to have one. If you thought you had seen the last of the four colour splashes, think again! And by the way, I have a metric tonne of such sample colour-ways just waiting for a new home.

Anyway, I digress. Next up is our Cracked thoughts colour-way. Inspired by the lovable Curious George, we simply feel that there aren’t awesome enough looking colour-ways that incorporate brown. Don’t agree? Well, wait to you see the Cracked Thoughts. Not too heavy, not too light, but just right. A bit of a Goldilocks, you might say, assuming that Goldilocks likes to smack you in the face with pure awesome!

Finally, we have revisited a colour-way that we created years ago. Say hello to the updated and improved Blueberry Klobber. We think you will agree with us that this tweaked Blueberry  Klobber is simply amazing and is still one of the best colour-ways that we do. Bright blues everywhere! It is merely a perfect collision of so many colours. And when I say “so many” I mean six. Six! Seriously, a six-colour yo-yo. This might be the first time we have attempted and succeeded at this. Believe me when I say that anodizing this bad boy was a long, convoluted process.


  • Width – 44 mm
  • Diameter – 56 mm
  • Weight – 65.4 grams
  • Gap – 4.5 mm
  • String – Custom colour Vines to match colourway
  • Response – Custom matched flowable silicone to match colourway
  • Bearing – Hybrid Tasmanian tornado

Dimension 52:  combining purple, silver and electric-neon pink.  Splashes and acid wash bath-blended for the perfect contrast Monkey-punching it’s colour right in your in your face!   MFD is known for bright colour combinations and aims to leave nothing on the table except your jaw…..Mic drop!   We have always produced this colour in short runs.  Don’t be one of those people to see someone post pics of it and think to yourself, “I wanted that colour-way.”  You be the one who posts it!

The Conspiracy

CONSPIRACY THEORY?  Not anymore.  This is CONSPIRACY REALITY!  Introducing our second team-build yoyo:  THE CONSPIRACY:  a complete departure from our first team-built, the Tri-B.  The Conspiracy was designed and built with competition in mind….. pushing the highest limits of accuracy with its massive catch zone while flowing through your supersonic speed combos.  When it comes to competition play, being nimble while getting in-and-out of tricks is what it is all about.  The Conspiracy does it in spades….with heart.

This is the first release since the PixelApe and we wanted to make sure we nailed down the colours.  We’ve never spent more time ano-testing on any other throw and  I think you’ll agree the combos are like nothing you’ve ever experienced.  Photos do not do it justice!  Two colour-ways have never been seen before with on never touching a production run.  The last colour-way is by far all time most requested  MonkeyfingeR colour.


  • Diameter – 57mm
  • Width – 44mm
  • Gap Width – 4.5
  • Weight – 65.9 grams
  • Bearing Size – MonkeyfingeR Revolution (Tasmanian Tornado) Hybrid, Size C
  • Response – Monkey SNOT flowable Silicone
  • String – MonkeyfingeR Vines (ape hangers) 100% poly

Kikzaru:  the second colour-way ever created by MonkeyfingeR.  Kikazaru has developed into a cult classic sought after in each model we produce.

The PixelApe

MonkeyfingeR is pushing the boundaries of form and function with their latest design – The PixelApe!

This new return top is a presentation style yo-yo created with the professional thrower in mind. Born from a collaboration between MonkeyfingeR Ray and Chris “”Dr. Yo- Yo”” Allen, this new throw sports a modern melding of an angular gap, unique weight distribution, and an open cup design with the goal of encouraging new trick design and grind experimentation.

The PixelApe has been produced in 7075 Aluminum for increased strength and durability. The complex shape offers great spin times with a nimble feel on the string – Just one throw and you’ll feel exactly what separates this yo-yo from the pack!


  • Diameter – 57mm
  • Specs
  • Width – 43.46mm
  • Diameter – 55mm
  • Weight – 65 grams
  • Response system – monkey SNOT
  • Bearing – Tasmanian Tornado (hybrid)
  • String – Ape Hangers 100% poly

RottenApple II: This is version II of the original RottenApple colour-way originally produced for the Lesula.  Always trying to develop new colours the dark green combo dares the muddy waters orange NOT to pop!


The Prime8, is team captain Tyler Jorgensen signature throw. The overall design of the Prime8 is tailored to Tyler’s throw style. Complicated tricks with a laid back flow pushed the design elements when we created this throw. Sporting lots of rim weight while still keeping enough center mass for stability. Willing to tackle any trick combination the Prime8 excels.

The Prime8 was released using 6061 with multiple colour combination. It was also released using 7075 on special releases.


  • Diameter: 54.1 mm
  • Width: 43.0 mm
  • Weight: 64.3 grams
  • Bearing: Size C, Tasmanian Tornado 10-ball ceramic hybrid
  • Response: Monkey Snot silicone

Tron: This was both fun and a lot of work.  The TRON theme circuit boards in blue on one side and orange on the other.  In the cup the circuit board is ghosted onto the finish.


Meet the Tri-B, Monkeyfinger’s wonderful jack-of-all trades return top is just as happy cutting the rug with you as it is chilling out.

The Tri-B name (pronounced “tribe”) is meaningful in more ways than one.  The development of the Tri-B was a true team effort that involved all of the members of the MonkeyfingeR tribe.  It also take inspiration from three of MonkeyfingeR’s other classic throws: the Gelada, the Forte, and the Ape-X.  Each and every team member had input into the design elements, colour combinations, and string layout. Great speed, extended spin time, wonderful agility…well, we can tell you what to expect, but you will have to try it for yourself to really see what we mean. Become part of the Tri-B!


  • Diameter: 52.5 mm
  • Width: 43.1 mm
  • Weight: 64.4 grams
  • Bearing: Size C, Tasmanian Tornado 10-ball ceramic hybrid
  • Response: Monkey Snot silicone

Snotty Blizzard: Using our spiral technique this was produced as an Artist Proof.  I have a feeling you all will be seeing more of this colour-way.  


The return of a legend!  We have resurrected and evolved our classic Evil Yo, the return top that started it all for MonkeyfingeR.

The 2Evil was a long time in the making. As the second version of our now classic Evil Yo, we were able to incorporate much of the experience that we have gained from a number of years designing return tops. We refined the shape and moved around some of the mass in order to increase both spin and stability. The original was also designed to put a smile on your face, and the 2Evil stays true to that as well. It’s time to embrace the darker side of throwing and get 2Evil!

The Artist Proof and Short Runs

An artist’s proof is, in theory, an impression of a print taken in the printmaking process to see the current printing state of a plate while the plate is being worked on by the artist. A proof may show a clearly incomplete image, various colour combinations, textures. They are often called a working proof or trial impression.   

Considering how similar this is to our anodizing process it felt like the perfect way for us to explain the way we come up with our colour ways and how come we usually have so many artist proofs or one of a kinds. It is also the way we learn and develop our techniques. It pushes us creatively and results sometimes in the most amazing creations. Thus the introduction to our line of one of a kind Artist’s Proofs 

Artist’s proofs are not included in the count of a limited edition or run and sometimes the number of artist’s proofs, can be surprisingly small making them even more collectable. Artist Proofs are not a perfect product.  They can have a vibe or even an ano flaw.  Is most cases however they are very close to perfect.

Art historians, curators, and collectors view working proofs as especially desirable because of their rarity, the insight they may give into the progress of the work, and because they may well have belonged to the artist. 

Like  Return Tops  prints are generally sold as limited editions, with a print being cheaper than a drawing or painting. An artist’s proof has special value because of its extra rarity and its possible differences from the “standard” print, factors that are often reflected in its price.