After dropping off all the packages yesterday a few of my neighbours asked about a payment.  This is not a sales pitch.  Actually if you like using these skills toys and need some supplies or accessories let me know and i’ll hook you up on the house 🙂

Well Howdy Neighbor! I want to share my hobby and offer relief to your boredom. Some of my neighbours already know I make skill toys. So I am inviting you to learn a new skill. In your gift bag you will find some of the many toys we create at MonkeyfingeR. Some can be very easy to start but take years to master.  

Let’s get started, first up because of the COVID virus we are all stuck in our houses for the next few weeks after all the chores and done and the endless playing with kids is over AND there is nothing left on NETFLIX it could be time to try something new.

In your bag, you’ll find some Begleri (an ancient greek toy) and a yoyo. I know what you are thinking oh man I played a yoyo as a kid. Not like this you didn’t. We create non-responsive competition yoyo’s from an affordable plastic version to high end aircraft aluminum 7075 versions. These new modern yoyos don’t come back on their own you need to perform a trick to get it to come back.  

Let’s take a look at what a modern yoyo can do. Follow this link, and you can meet some of the MonkeyfingeR YoYo Team. This is an older video so igore the drop date this is from a few years ago, there are many different styles from 1A to 5A of yoyo.  1A is attached to your finger, 4A is off string John in the red shirt his yoyo is not attached to the string and 5A there is a counter weight again not attached to your finger. I hope this inspires you to get started. 

Here is where you’ll find out how to bind (make the yoyo come back) Once you have the basic bind down you are on your way to learning hundreds and hundreds of yoyo tricks. Its almost endless. If you goto this website you can start learning basic tricks.

Lets talk about the Begleri. This is another skill toy from ancient Greece. Here you can see it in action follow this link to learn how to set it up to fit your hand size

WAIT! there is one more thing in your box i’m sure you are wondering what it is.  This is called a Tiki roller.  We created a brand new skill toy last year that combines your begleri together to make a nuckleroller.  Hang on its much easier to just show you.  Check this out.

Nobody wants to be at home, but in the meantime please accept this gift to help with the boredom when the chore list runs out 🙂

If you have any questions, you can reach me at [email protected] or you can also find us on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.  here is our webpage



PS. The videos listed on this page are for reference only.  They are all old so ignore any of the dates listed.  If you need anything at all please don’t hesitate to drop me a line and i’ll do my best to answer your questions.